Posted by: reneewildes1 | November 16, 2008

RWA vs E-Pubbed – All Right Everyone, Enough Is Enough!

It’s been all over the web this morning. Multiple Yahoo writer’s groups. Since I now belong to 65 of them, I have had a BELLYFUL of sour grapes. The gist of it is, RWA National doesn’t consider us Epubbed authors “real” PAN authors. There are requirements to joining – you have to make at least $1000.00 in royalties and advances. We don’t make it on advances. But we can make it in royalties. Check out the RWA’s listing of qualifying publishers. Most of our houses are on that list.


Option Two: Any General or Honorary member who has earned at least $1,000 in the form of royalties or a combination of advance plus royalties on a single published romance novel or novella published by a non-subsidy, non-vanity publisher may join PAN as a full member following the publication of the title. In order to prove publication under Option Two, the member must submit a copy of the novel’s or novella’s copyright page to the RWA office, together with proof of earnings of at least $1,000 on the qualifying novel or novella. Proof of earnings may be shown in either of the following ways: (1) royalty statement(s) from the publisher showing earnings of at least $1,000; or (2) a letter from the acquiring editor stating that the author has earned at least $1,000 in the form of royalties or an advance plus royalties. Documentation must reflect earnings on a single novel or novella. In the case of a multiple-book contract, or in the event royalty statement(s) show earnings on multiple books, the earnings on the qualifying novel or novella must be shown separately. Any percentage of earnings deducted by an agent shall still be considered earnings to the author; however, the pre-deduction figure must be reflected in the documentation.

Most of the big epubs are go-to-print and through hard work and marketing we can make the sales requirements. I’m published w/both Samhain & TWRP and both of them can get into the big bookstore chains, and I’ve seen Cerridwyn & Ellora’s Cave titles, New Concepts, etc.

I think RWA National has a lot to offer. For networking and new author education they’re second to none. Great local chapters – I belong to WisRWA & FF&P RWA, educational magazine, the PRO program and wonderful conferences. I came up through the RWA contest circuit w/Duality & Hedda’s Sword. I sold Duality to Samhain b/c I went to the 2007 NJ RWA PYHIAB Conference and pitched to Angela James (same conference where Hedda’s Sword came in third in PYHIAB Contest/Paranormal).

Are epubbed authors considered not quite as “worthy” as NY authors? Yes. Does that make me personally unhappy? Yes. But the way to fix it is not to snap and snarl at each other about it. That’s just a mob mentality. Let’s PROVE to them how professional and organized we are. Write emails. Write letters. Speak with your local chapter officers to bring that up when they have their board meetings. Buy a board member a drink at the next conference you attend and voice your concerns. Encourage your publisher to step up their networking w/RWA. The more we make our presence felt, en masse, the more power we’ll have. We’re professional. We’re organized. We’re calm, but determined.



  1. I’m with you, Renee! Though, I think most of the people expressing their views have stayed professional. We need to work within RWA, politely and calmly. I don’t mind the advance ruling, but I do think it should qualify if you make the thousand on more than one book. Make nine hundred dollars on ten books that’s 9,000 dollars earnings but not good enough to be in PAN? I think we can and should change that. I do think the President’s point about how much you make being the definition of whether it’s a career or not was inaccurate. Many business owners start a business and don’t make any profits for years — does that mean their business is not their career?

    Karin Shah
    Samhain Publishing

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