Posted by: reneewildes1 | November 10, 2008

Farewell Adriano Moraes & Lessons From Another PBR Final

The PBR Finals just finished up this weekend. Guillerme Marchi was runner up 3 years in a row – 2005, 2006, 2007. Like Moonlight, he stuck to it, dug deep and FINALLY came out on top as World Champion! I bawled like a baby. It was SO deserved! He never gave up, never settled for second best.

Veteran Adriano Moraes retired. The greatest ambassador the sport has ever seen pulled his rope for the last time. He was crucial in bringing up young guns from Brazil, he was role model and a fierce competitor, yet always gracious with his fans. Bawled like a baby for that too.

They retired my favorite bull Reindeer Dippin too. A young classic bull named Crosswired looks to be the heir-apparent. Bucking style is very similar – wild and crazy.

So who do we pass the torch to? Robson Palermo won the Finals, Reese Cates won Rookie of the Year and Bones won Bucking Bull of the Year.

I love cowboys. I love their straight up honesty, how they don’t make excuses or put on aires. I don’t know how many times an interviewer asks a guy that got bucked off what went wrong and they say “I got bucked off” or what they’ll do differently “Hold on tighter” or what it’ll take to finally win an event “Ride better.” Those are the shortest interviews in the the world!

Image Preview

My favorite rider is Wiley Peterson, from Idaho. Mr. Calm Cool & Collected when he rides, but he loves to ham it up for the camera. Mr. Consistency when he’s healthy. I’ve woke my kids up cheering for him when he rides. He won the Finals last year, was Top Ten this year.

My biggest kudos go to retiring Justin McBride. He made the decision b/c his heart wasn’t in it. He said he used to ride selfish, then realized it wasn’t about himself anymore. He wanted to spend more time with his family on the ranch. You’ve gotta respect a guy who puts family first.



  1. I’m just Glad Marchi Finally took one home after coming in 2nd place for so long.

    Wiley Is champ! He’s my favorite too! We saw him in ABQ… My wife is his cousin =)

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