Posted by: reneewildes1 | November 9, 2008

Adieu to Michael Crichton

I don’t know about you, but I was a great fan of Michael Crichton. I looked up a list of his books – it’s a formidable list: (compliments of Wikipedia)

1966 Odds On  
1967 Scratch One  
1968 Easy Go  
A Case of Need  
1969 The Andromeda Strain  
The Venom Business  
Zero Cool  
1970 Grave Descend  
Drug of Choice  
1972 The Terminal Man  
1975 The Great Train Robbery  
1976 Eaters of the Dead  
1980 Congo  
1987 Sphere  
1990 Jurassic Park  
1992 Rising Sun  
1994 Disclosure  
1995 The Lost World  
1996 Airframe  
1999 Timeline  
2002 Prey  
2004 State of Fear  
2006 Next

He was a fellow Midwesterner and the king of the scientific “What If?” He wrote true science fiction, that made the improbable plausible. He kept me up late many a night, on the edge of my seat. Many filmakers tried to capture his magic, but no film could possibly do the books justice. A sad day for us all.

For anyone looking for a similar vein, I can wholeheartedly endorse James Rollins, a veterinarian-turned-novelist. The same science/action combination, with such titles as: (compliments of Wikipedia)

As James Rollins

  1. Subterranean (1999)
  2. Excavation (2000)
  3. Deep Fathom (2001)
  4. Amazonia (2002)
  5. Ice Hunt (2003)
SIGMA Force series
  1. Sandstorm (2004)
  2. Map of Bones (2005)
  3. Black Order (2006)
  4. Judas Strain (2007)
  5. The Last Oracle (June 24, 2008)

[edit] As James Clemens

The Banned and the Banished series
  1. Wit’ch Fire (1999)
  2. Wit’ch Storm (1999)
  3. Wit’ch War (2000)
  4. Wit’ch Gate (2001)
  5. Wit’ch Star (2002)
Godslayer series
  1. Shadowfall
  2. Hinterland

Michael Crichton will always be the one all future writers of this genre will be measured against.


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