Posted by: reneewildes1 | October 26, 2008


Did dragons exist? There are so many references throughout the world, that it’s hard to fathom they didn’t. But what happened to them? Did they all die out, or are they like other mythical beings, still living in secret amongst us?

In celebration for all Duality’s growing popularity, I’m running a new contest. Just leave a comment as to what you believe happened to the dragons in the world. All commenters will be put into a drawing for a pair of red Depression-era glass goblets, which one lucky winner will win Halloween morning! Come toast to future successes!



  1. I love dragons. I think they are very striking in appearance. I believe they are still out there in our world and whenever or whoever wants to see them will. We need these beliefs, especially in this day and time.

  2. I would like to think dragons, and magic do exsist. if just in the soul. To think the things that are part of our imagination are not just is depressing. I am butterfly and sunshine person. I like to think our imagination is boundless as our souls.

  3. i would love to think dragons existed that that maybe they were a distant relative of the dinosaurs that finally went extinct or maybe they hiding themselves magically now.

  4. I would like to think that there is a possibility that dragons exist and they hide from humans so they aren’t hunted.

  5. Hello,

    How about they live in a parallel dimension in which they have occassionally come to ours or we have stumbled upon theirs thus the many references through the eras…

  6. Dragons are my current obsession right now. I like to think they all morphed into shape-shifting hotties who walk amongst us, only showing their true form when the need arises – or they feel like flying instead of taking a cab. *winks*

  7. I’v always loved Dragons.In my heart I still believe that they are still with us.After all they are magical.

  8. I saw this great National Geographic special where they followed “created dragons” in their natural habitat like those wildlife documentaries. It made it seem like you could see dragons as often as you spot deer in Wisconsin. I loved it.

    But I’ve been in love with dragons since college and the Pern books.

  9. Or maybe dragons were brought over by aliens. Unfortunately, the atmosphere here didn’t fit them so that’s why you don’t see many around nowadays. 😉

  10. I believe that like aliens, dragons are too smart to be seen by humans, because they don’t want to be experimented on. As humans, we have to take everything apart and study what we don’t understand.
    Can we really blame them for hiding from us?


  11. I think I saw that special, Brenda – where they found the bodies of the mother and the baby in the ice cave? Great show!

  12. I’d like to think that dragons exist, and in my typical fantasy/sci fi brain, I’d say that they are all in parallel dimension, shifting in and out as needed. It’s an unfortunate side effect of living the connected age, but I just don’t think they can live in our world.

    (And did I miss the contest deadline again? Just goes to show what my life is like!)

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