Posted by: reneewildes1 | October 22, 2008


Genre: fantasy romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-216-9
Page Count: 333
Price: $6.99
Reviewer: Susiq2
  Sensuality Rating: Sultry
Star Rating: 5 Stars
Author’s Website:

Duality,by Renee Wildes, is the best fantasy story that I have ever read! This story has it all: Heart stopping adventure, True evil versus good, Love, Handsome Fae, and a gorgeous dragon. What more could a reader desire? This fabulous story is to die for!

Quote: “Duality: Pride, Beauty, Unbreakable Spirit, Overwhelming Spirit, and Undisciplined Passions. Dara brings passion to reason, conflict to peace, chaos to order. Duality be in her blood, her soul, her very nature.”

I cannot remember when a story grabbed me, and held me to the very end as this story has. Let me begin to tell the story of how and why:

Rufus Quickblade, Dara’s father figure, had not returned from warning the King about the Boar invasion. Dara is a Safehold healer, so she prepares herself to go to the battlefield to help any injured. Dressed as a woodman, carrying her medicines, and her knives, she searches the battlefield for her father, and any injured that she can help. Hearing from others about a blond warrior who had saved many lives during the battle, Dara finds him injured, and attempts to help him. Dara is attacked, and must fend off 3 Boar warriors to keep herself, and the blond man, named Loren, alive. Finally able to tend his injuries, and to drag him to her humble hut, Dara is shocked when Loren claims life debt to her, and speaks these word to her: “My life I owe you. Life Debt. I bind myself to you. Whenever, whatever your need, I shall come to you. To you do I answer with sword, bow, or blood. My life for yours. My soul to yours, ’til our last breath. Never again shall you be alone. You are mine, in this lifetime, and the next. I shall be ever yours, for always. We are one” as he gently kissed her.  Then Loren’s horse appeared, almost  breaking down her door to reach the man in her bed. Thus Dara meets her first “talking horse”.

This story, while epic in scope, is so thoroughly engrossing, that the pages are blurs to the eye as the trials and tribulations, adventures, and heart stopping rescues occur at such a pace that time is all but forgotten as the reader is lost in the beauty and adventures of this remarkable tale of good versus evil.

Dara discovers her amazing heritage and skills, and as her love for Loren grows, will she be able to accept his heritage as he must accept hers?

This story is like  taking Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, and C.L. Wilson,  mixing up the very best that they have to offer mixed in with the “new voice”of Renee Wildes to produce this masterpiece.

I stand humbled at having the honor to be able to review this story. My words could never do it justice. This story is a marvel, it will be a tremendous best seller when word gets out about this book’s release. Please find this book. This is truly a once in a life time event.



  1. Wow, awesome review!

  2. Congrats Renee.

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