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Duality Promo Contest – Favorite Fantasy/Sword&Sorcery Book/Movie

Okay – the BIG DAY has arrived! DUALITY’s release day! Thought it would be fun to have a little contest with a drawing. Since I’m a HUGE F/S&S fan, even of the BAD movies, I thought I’d do this:

Just leave a comment ON THIS POST as what your favorite Fantasy/Sword & Sorcery Book AND Movie are. (I’m an equal-media employer!)

I absolutely adore the movie WILLOW. I’ve watched it with my kids so many times we can practically reinact it start to finish. I love a quest story, I love a character who denies his destiny and then embraces it & becomes stronger for it. I love a villain turned to good. (I’ve used all three in my own books!)

Other Movies I Like, in no particular order (even the bad ones have SOME good points!):

  • LOTR (all 3 PJ)
  • Dragonheart
  • The Hobbit
  • Princess Bride
  • Ladyhawke
  • Kull
  • Krull
  • Clash of the Titans
  • Beastmaster
  • Red Sonya
  • Conan
  • Legend
  • Dark Crystal
  • Labyrinth

For books, I’ve already mentioned Barbara Hambly’s “The Ladies of Mandrigyn.” In addition, I grew up on Mercedes Lackey – love the Valdemar series. Probably my favorite book is “Exile’s Honor” and my favorite trilogy is The Mage Storms:

  • Storm Warning
  • Storm Rising
  • Storm Breaking

These four ML/V all feature Karsite citizens relocated to Valdemar. For those out of the know, Karse & Valdemar are bitter “I Wish You’d All DIE!” enemies. When enemies become people, then friends, it leaves the question, are there enemies in the world, or just friends who haven’t met yet? How much “hatred” is simple misunderstanding? A Karsite calvary captain can become a Chosen of Valdemar, and a Karsite priest can become an ambassador for peace. LOVE these books. “Exile’s Honor” makes me cry every time I read it.

So what are YOUR favorites? Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered in a drawing at the end of today for one of three prizes:

  • free copy of DUALITY
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  • Bath & Body Gift Card


  1. I recently read The Name of the Wind. Absolutely stunning fantasy! It’s done as a retrospective tale of the main character’s life, so you know what some of the tragic events will be, but there’s still an incredible amount of suspense and the doom-to-come that portends. The writing is fabulous.

    Favorite fantasy movie is another hard one. One whose scenes stick in my mind is Ladyhawke. I’m not really sure why, but something about the characters and the story has always stuck with me.

  2. OMG – I am SO glad you mentioned Ladyhawke! I love that movie, too. That freaky wolf-hunter Cesar is who I based Duality’s villain Jalad on.

  3. I was going to say Labyrinth and for book series, Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs.


  4. I love Labyrinth – very visual movie!

  5. Ladyhawke, hands down. I’ve seen it so often my husband has hidden my copy to spare himself! For book series, I’m currently enjoying Jean Johnson’s “Sons of Destiny” series.

  6. My Favorite fantasy movie would be Conan. As for my favorite book,There is alot but one of my favs is Angela Knights ” Master of swords” . I love all of her Magerverse Series.

  7. I love Angela Knight -very HOT writer. My fav’s probably Master of Dragons. I’m partial to dragons…Did I mention Dara’s half-dragon?

  8. I like Lord of The Ring! movies and books! 😀

  9. I love the Immortals After Dark series, by Kresley Cole and the Realm Immortals series,
    by Michelle M. Pillow.

    For Movies, Underworld

  10. Not sure how much of a fantasy it is, but I love the Kevin Costner Robin Hood. I did like Ladyhawke, too…and I’ve watched the LOTR series and liked it, but have no need to watch all of them again. My husband and son LOVE all three and watch them over and over.

    Congratulations on your release, and on an awesome first review!! 🙂 Hope it’s a great day.

  11. Well I don’t know if it counts but there is magic…

    I love all of the Dark Hunter series book by Sherrilyn Kenyon

    And both Laurel K. Hamiltons Merry Gentry and Anita Blake Series

    And can’t forget Karen Marie Moning Fever series I haven’t got my hand on the third book yet but its on my wish list:-)

    As for a movie got there are so many but LadyHawke was probably my favoirte Rutger Hauer Yum:-)

  12. Movie: Lord of The Rings (all 3). I could watch them over and over. Wait a minute, I already do…

    Books: Bianca D’arc’s FireDrake is outstanding.


  13. My favorite fantasy movies were Howl’s Moving Castle and Lady Hawke (a tie), but I think Stardust bumped Lady Hawke out of first this last year. My favorite fantasy novel is almost always the one I’m reading at the time. I’m hoping soon, it’ll be Duality. Next paycheck, I know the book I’ll buy–Duality. By the way, kudos on Duality’s wonderful review.

  14. Along with many of the others above, the first movie that came to mind is LadyHawke. I remember having no one to go with when it first came out in the theaters, so I decided to go alone. It was empowering.

    My favorite fantasy books? All of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series and Sarah Monette’s Melusine and Virtu books. There’s a third, but I forget the name. Both the magical worlds these ladies created and the characters are so memorable, I can barely wait for the next releases.

    Dee, I am so happy for your release and the fantastic review. I am excited to read Duality. Enjoy the day.

  15. Rutger Hauer is my model for Wolf in Hedda’s Sword. Loren is based on Haldir in LOTR. I love Jeremy Irons in Eragon (and Lion King, too, come to that!).

  16. I love Sherrilyn’s character Sin – forget which book it is. And OMG – Kushiel! Now there’s a fantabulous series I’ve fallen behind on reading! Speaking of which, another great book to read if anyone gets the change is Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon.

  17. I like The Princess Bride and King Arthur. For books, Janet Chapman’s Highlander series, Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson, Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series, and Anne Bishop’s books.

  18. Princess Bride and Ladyhawke and Harry Potter

  19. Movies, I could go on and on. LOTR, especially Return of the King. My whole family quotes from Princess Bride all the time (no more rhyming now I mean it…).
    Books, probably Harry Potter.

  20. Trystan in King Arthur is my Trystan in Duality & Lycan Tides. Keira Knightley/Guinevere is my Queen Moira in Duality.

  21. I love Bianca D’Arc’s Ice Dragon, too!

  22. Hi Dee
    High Five on the wonderful reviews. I am celebrating with you via the seat of my chair.

    Movies I love range from Dragon Sword(George and the Dragon) and LOTR. Fantasy books are the Piers Anthony series-Juxtaposition, Terry Brooks, and Peter S. Beagles, The Last Unicorn.

  23. Hi Dee! Well, I don’t really watch or read fantasy, but you know how much I loved the opening of DUALITY and look forward to reading it. 🙂 Congratulations on your release and on the AMAZING reviews!

  24. WOW! You have listed some GREAT movies. Especially, Willow! It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, but I must have went to the theater three or four times. I dragged everyone I could to see that movie. It was just beautiful. I LOVED LadyHawke *sigh* And of course, LOTR (all three) Thanks for bringing back some favorite movie memories for me 😀

  25. Favorite movie….These are all good, but I guess LOTR has come out ahead in recent years. I’ve watched Princess Bride too many times to count.

    Favorite book….My usual answer is Mists of Avalon by MZB, but after reading all these wonderful posts, you guys have mentioned so many wonderful series. I love Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark. Right now, it’s my favorite paranormal romance series.

  26. My favorite fantasy book is THE BLUE SWORD by Robin McKinley.

    I also like the summoning series by Robin D. Owens. GUARDIAN OF HONOR in particular and her HEART series, especially HEART Thief.

    I also really like Thief’s Desire by Isabo Kelly.

    Movie: Beast Master (based in a book by Andre Norton, you know) Yeah, it’s a bit hokey, but I love rejected characters who end up accepted due to their heroic action.

    I’m a huge Harry Potter (books and movies) fan as well.

  27. My kids love the ferrets in Beastmaster! I love the movie Krull, when the magician turns into a basset hound just b/c the little boy confessed he always wanted a puppy!

  28. As a kid, I loved Neverending Story.

    Princess Bride and Ladyhawke are favorites too.

    The Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings are top books.


  29. I love the Lord of The Rings. I think that’s my fave of the list. I think Dark Crystal would be my 2nd fave.
    Take care,

  30. I’d have to go with Lord of the Rings for movie(s) and a tie between the Winds series from Mercedes Lackey and The Belgariad from Eddings- both are just great comfort reads for me.

  31. Favorite movies would have to be the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Favorite book is trickier. I’d have to say it would be “A Wrinkle in Time” — a long time favorite.

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